The “Sex and the City” actress who immortalized Carrie Bradshaw on screen is a complete jeans person. Sarah Jessica Parker, known for her eponymous footwear, loves to dress down in jeans with a grey sweatshirt. The 50-year-old actress pairs her simple outfit with a fancy necklace and a fancy pair of shoes to complete her look.

“The truth is, I wear jeans probably more than all my other woman friends,” she said, admitting that her personal style has changed over the years. Parker recalled that her first jeans were hand-me-downs from her sister, Hello reported. 

The actress, who has a line of fragrances, said it is the point of view that changes first. “And probably, if you look back at choices you made five years ago, you wouldn’t necessarily regret anything — you might go, ‘I don’t know if I would wear that dress today,’ but you were probably really happy wearing it at the time,” said Parker.

Having played a fashionista of the early 21st century, she said she does not believe in following trends anymore. But now she buys and wears things that are for life. Probably the biggest change in her is no longer needing to follow trends.

Parker is the face of American heritage denim brand Jordache. She modeled the vintage-inspired women’s collection. The new range features mom jeans and will launch in Walmart this week, People reported. The “I Don’t Know How She Does It” star said she fronted the Jordache campaign as she has been a huge admirer since a little girl, and got to work with photographer Michael Thompson.

Meanwhile, Parker is now busy designing her a new line of footwear. She is also working on a new show “Divorce,” which will begin this fall. With the new show, the actress is all set to return to HBO on and also behind the camera. She will act as well as be a producer on the series.