There are only three more blood-soaked episodes of “Scream Queens” left! That means fans of the hit Fox series are one step closer to finding out who the third -- and last -- Red Devil killer is.

In episode 9, titled “Ghost Stories,” it’s unveiled that Boone (Nick Jonas) was in cahoots with the murderous and ‘90s-loving psycho Gigi (Nasim Pedrad). Apparently Boone was the one of the twins that the sorority sister had given birth to in the bathtub before meeting her untimely fate. Gigi then took it upon herself to raise the siblings (in a mental institution) where the three cultivated a two-decade thought out plan of seeking revenge. But according to Gigi, Boone put that plan at risk when he fell in love with Zayday (Keke Palmer).

Boone returns to Wallace University in episode 9 while incognito. But the “master of disguise” proves to be more like the master of disaster when he’s Joaquin Phoenix-like beard falls off, revealing his true identity. Chanel No. 3 (Billie Lourd) spots the facial hair-less brother and assumes he’s a ghost -- a ghost that’s return to campus to haunt her.

“I saw the ghost of dead, gay Boone!” Chanel No.3 tells her sisters, unable to keep the reprise of the dead Dickie Dollar Scholar a secret. “It was terrifying!”

Chanel No. 3’s ghostly outburst occurs just while Chanel is telling her minions that she’s preparing to meet Chad’s (Glen Powell) super rich parents. The sorority co-president explains that Chad gifted her a silver turkey wishbone necklace (which is basically like an engagement ring) as a proposal to meet his family at Thanksgiving.

“The Radwells are the perfect American family and Chad wants me to be a part of it,” she says while toasting to herself.

But Chanel’s plan to become Mrs. Chad Radwell goes awry when Hester breaks jaw-dropping news: she’s pregnant.

Chanel confronts her beau, which is when Chad reveals that he thought he had “porked” Hester in a way that couldn’t result in pregnancy.

“I’m sorry, Chanel,” he says. “I’m as pissed off as you are.”

The Dickie Dollar Scholar says that he’s going to have to marry Hester now and take her to his family’s Thanksgiving dinner because that’s “just how the Radwells roll.” “You’re still going to be my piece on the side,” he adds. But Chanel is done.

“I want you to pay!” she screams. “You might just even pay the ultimate price.”

Chanel’s threats leaves Chad questioning if his girlfriend could be the killer.

“I guess we’ll see,” she replies. And we do later in the episode when Chanel catches Hester lying about her pregnancy. In an attempt to catch their neck brace-sporting sister in a lie, Chanel and her minions display an assortment of food for Hester, consisting of sushi and champagne, which she gleefully devours.

“You just had foods that are damaging to embryos!” Chanel calls her out, telling Hester that she’s not allowed to leave the room until she pees on a pregnancy stick to prove she fabricated her story.

“Fine. You got me! I’m not pregnant,” Hester admits, adding that it doesn’t matter because Chad still thinks she is. That means she’ll still be going with him to Thanksgiving, which will give her “ample time” to actually get pregnant.

Chanel (hilariously) chases after Hester to “apologize.” But the devious Kappa proves she too can tell a fib when she throws Hester down the spiraling staircase instead of saying sorry.

“This had to happen,” Chanel says, adding that’s what happens when “hog-faced b----es” try to steal her man.

But Hester wasn’t the only one to meet her fate (she did die, right?) in episode 9. The sweet and handsome Dickie Dollar Scholar Earl Grey (Lucien Laviscount) is also killed when the Red Devil killer stabs him in the back.

But Earl is betrayed long before the knife ever penetrates his skin. When Boone “returned from the dead as a ghost,” he paid a visit to his good friend Chad to reveal why he was back on Earth. According to the faux apparition, he has unfinished business to take care of and it’s to make love to Zayday, which will allegedly help him move on with his ghostly life.

“You do know Zayday is dating Earl Grey, right?” Chad says. But Boone reveals he has a plan that’ll fix that issue.

During Zayday and Earl’s date night, the dapper Dickie Dollar Scholar runs to his room to grab the champagne that he’s been saving for their “perfect” night. But when Earl leaves the room, Boone makes his move.

“I don’t believe in ghosts!” Zayday says to him just as Grace (Skyler Samuels) walks in. “Boone is in here trying to seduce me with the oldest line in the book ... He says he’s a ghost.”

The two notice a fork mark on Boone’s hand, which they piece together is the wound from when Zayday stabbed the Red Devil killer while she was kidnapped. As they try to capture Boone and bring him to justice, he falls out the window. That’s when Boone kills the lovable Earl just as he’s returning with the bubbly.

“It had to be Boone who killed [Earl],” Zayday cries while Grace comforts her. But no one comforts Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin) who surprisingly manages to survive her own encounter with the masked villain.

After Zayday and Grace recant the gruesome event to the police, Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) tells the two that the girl who died in the bathtub two decades ago gave birth to twins -- a girl and a boy.

“That newborn had the same cocky smirk as Boone,” Munsch theorizes.

Boone later confirms her assumption when he lashes out at Gigi during one of the trio’s murderous meetings.

“I’m sorry, Gigi. We’re done taking orders to you. We’re grownups now. It’s time for you to go,” he says while the Red Devil (which we can only assume is his sister) wields a knife in the air. But instead of slicing up Gigi, the killer stabs Boone. Talk about a twist!

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