SeaWorld Orlando reopened Thursday ater a killer whale tragically killed an experienced trainer at Shamu Stadium.

The park however, suspended Believe shows and Dine with Shamu experiences at all SeaWorld locations. Tilikum, the whale that killed the trainer, is reportedly one of the Orcas appearing in the shows.

Dawn Brancheau, 40, was shaken violently by the Tilikum and then was drowned by the animal as many spectators witnessed in horror, according to their testimonies.

This is not the first incident with the Orca, it reportedly killed Daniel Dukes in 1999, a homeless man who accessed the tank in after-opening-hours. Also, the whale was involved in an incident resulting in a trainer's drowning in 1991, CBS News reported.

SeaWorld Orlando said it will continue working with Tilikum.

We have every intention of continuing to interact with this animal, though the procedures for working with him will change. We are still reviewing this incident and will evaluate the situation and make a decision accordingly, the park wrote on a blog post.

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