Startup Vollee unveiled plans to bring Linden Lab's popular game Second Life virtual world to mobile phones, making the virtual world assessable from almost anywhere.

Mobile users with 3G-enabled phones will be able to access Vollee's Second Life mobile service, which is a reformatted version of the virtual world for smaller screens, according to Vollee.

What we have developed is a service which, for the first time, allows you to access a rich persistent virtual 3-D world the way it is supposed to be experienced on your phone, said Martin Dunsby, Vollee's CEO.

Vollee has developed an interactive video streaming platform that uses the bandwidth of 3G cellular networks to stream games typically reserved for personal computers to mobile phones - with all graphics and options in tact.

The world available through mobile devices will be the same as that via the PC platform.

Phone users will be required to download some software to their handsets to enable Second Life access, though consumers will have to pay for data access through their wireless providers.

This is a true 'before and after moment' in which mobile is living up to its potential in serving as an always on, connected platform, Dunsby added.

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