Meet Selena Gomez the rapper! The “Good For You” songstress unleashed her inner rap goddess when she appeared on a radio chat show and did a pretty neat job of rapping. 

The pop starlet appeared on 102.7 KIIS FM, where the radio DJ JoJo Wright asked her if she can rap A$AP Rocky's verse from their "Good for You" collaboration. Initially she looked taken aback by Wright's request but in a flash of second she changed her mind and said she was ready for it. Her biggest worry was whether the channel will bleep the swearing language she will use in her rap.

“You know you look good girl, don't you know you look good girl,” Gomez jumped straight into the verse and even used the four letter word. To make things look real, she even threw her hands up in the air like a real rapper and changed her voice modulation too. Gomez was dressed up in all black shirt and pants for her appearance on the show.

Meanwhile, the former Disney star is also gearing up for the release of her new album, “Revival” in October. “The album is so different,” she said in a recent radio interview with The Toby Knapp Show. “There’s so many different kinds of music on the record, so I’m excited for people to hear everything.” Her new song, “Good For You” will appear on “Revival."

Gomez has also written another song titled, “Same Old You” for the album, and has also penned down another song about kindness. The album's title “Revival” refers to the “the rebirth of Selena,” the singer said during yet another recent interview with Ryan Seacrest. The album is scheduled to be released on Oct. 9.