Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift had a girl’s night out the day following Gomez’s “disastrous” date with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Gomez and Swift were spotted having dinner at Osteria La Buca in Los Angeles on Saturday, People Magazine reports. The girls were captured leaving the restaurant, Gomez clutching Swift’s arm in a friendly embrace.

Sources who witnessed the two at dinner suggest that both had a good time.

"The girls shared an Italian meal and seemed to have the best time," an onlooker told People.

"There were a lot of giggles and laughter. They looked like great friends and were also in deep conversation throughout the meal. Taylor was very protective of Selena and escorted her to and from the car."

There is no word as to what the girls discussed at dinner but several news sources speculate that they chatted about Gomez’s recent relationship troubles.  

Gomez was spotted storming out of a supposed reconciliation dinner with Bieber Friday.

According to the TMZ, the recently split up couple went to a Japanese restaurant in San Fernando Valley. Gomez was seen leaving the location about 10 into the dinner.

Gomez seems to have picked the perfect post break up friend in Swift. The actress and singer gushed about their friendship in a recent interview with Glamour Magazine.

“Taylor’s amazing,” Gomez said.

“She’s so smart and sweet and humble — and she’s way more successful than I am! So when I see her after everything she’s been through and she just wants to go home and bake cookies with me, that to me is awesome.”