Comic strip readers will still have something to read on Sept. 11.

More than 90 cartoonists will be dedicating their upcoming Sept. 11 strips to the day and its victims who died ten years ago, the Associated Press reported.

Artists and writers of various comic strips are participating, including those of Candorville, Dick Tracy, Doonesbury, ''Mallard Fillmore, and Pluggers.

Popular characters will do something to acknowledge the significance of the day. Hagar the Horrible, for example, will thank the heroes, USA Today reported.

Jeff Keane, co-author of the immensely popular comic strip The Family Circus, told the AP he was thrilled to be contributing to this effort.

I knew that it was something that I think would work for 'Family Circus' if I could find the approach for it, he told the AP. Because 'Family Circus' is more of a realistic look at family, and I don't necessarily have a cartoon that is a 'joke a day,' but more sentimental and more emotional, it was easier for me to look at it that way.

The five participating syndicates are Creators Syndicate, King Features, Tribune Media Services, Universal Press Syndicate and the Washington Post Writers Group.

King Features comics editor Brendan Burford told the AP that the artists and writers will take various approaches.

Some are taking the 'it's OK to laugh,' and others are taking the 'it's OK to heal' path, he said.

Zits co-creator Jim Borgman told CBC News he was confident it would all go well due to the talent involved.

There is something comforting about the thought that a bunch of us are going to be struggling to say something on that day, he told CBC News, adding I fully expect we'll see a broad range of approaches that day.