The second episode of Brody Jenner’s talk show, “Sex With Brody,” aired Friday, and his special guest, April Rose, revealed her unlikely best kiss. Also on the episode, the show’s hosts went out on the streets to ask regular men and women about some things that they think about while having a romp between the sheets.

In a game reminiscent of “truth or dare,” Jenner brought out a sack of blue balls and asked his guest April Rose to pick out a ball. Each ball contains a question related to something sexy, and Rose got a fairly tame question: “Who is your best kiss?”

Rose said her best kiss was with actor David Schwimmer of “Friends” fame. Jenner then started to call out his guest for not saying that the best kiss is with her current boyfriend.

Also in the show, Jenner and his co-host Stevie Ryan took to the streets to pit men against women in a battle of the sexes questionnaire. In a series of hilarious deleted clips shared by the show’s website, Brody asked one guy if he knew where the G-spot is located. The guy quickly admitted that he had “no clue.”

One woman clearly had no clue either when she said that it was on the neck. Another woman said she would rather demonstrate where it was rather than explaining. With many guests not knowing where the G-spot is located, things looked grim inside the bedrooms of America.

Jenner and Ryan moved on to another question and it appears that more people know something about fetish names than the location of the G-spot.  In another clip, the “Sex With Brody” hosts asked people about fantasizing about other people while they were in bed with their partner. Some admitted to doing it while others said that it was their greatest fear to have their partner do that.

Things are getting hotter in each new episode of Jenner’s new show. It remains to be seen if he can keep the momentum going. “Sex With Brody” airs Fridays at 10:30 pm EDT on E!