Beaches on the Hawaiian island of Maui are closed after a 51-year woman from California was attacked by a shark on Saturday.

The shark attack occurred at the Makena Landing Beach Park on Maui, reports Maui News. According to Fire Services Chief Lee Mainaga, the shark was approximately 10 to 12 feet long. The victim survived the shark attack with non-life threatening injuries, Maui News reports.

The woman was swimming about 20 yards offshore when the shark attacked her. She fought off the great fish but sustained puncture wounds on the inner part of her right thigh and cuts on her right hand. The woman is currently in stable condition and was transported to the Maui Memorial Medical Center, reports Maui News.

Beaches were closed one mile north and south of Makena Landing Beack Park, while the incidnet was investigated, including Maluaka Beach all the way to Changs Beach. According to Maui News, Maui County spokesman Rod Antone said the beaches would remain closed while they investigate the situation.

On Thursday, approximately 36 miles away at Kanaha Beach Park, a shark attacked a stand-up paddler, reports KFVE. The shark, approximately six to eight inches long, attacked Dave Peterson, 55, and knocked him off his board. The incident occurred at 7:30am. The area of the beach is known locally as the “boneyards,” reports KFVE.

Officials believe the shark that attacked Peterson was a tiger shark. Peterson had no injuries from the shark attack and the beaches were reopened on Friday.