It would not be summer without Syfy's "Sharknado" franchise. The popular, social-media sensation disaster series aired its third installment, "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" Wednesday night. Fin Sheppard (Ian Ziering) was back to take on the marine monsters once again with more celebrity cameos and gruesome deaths. After stops in New York City and Los Angeles, this time "Sharknado" was targeting the entire east coast. 

Here are the best moments from "Sharknado 3":

1. Mark Cuban is President of the United States

"Sharknado 3" kicked off with a cold open shark attack on the U.S. Capital where Fin is receiving an honor -- an induction into the Order of the Golden Chainsaw -- from none other than President Mark Cuban (yes, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban). When the storm hits, the two must fight their way to safety à la "White House Down." Fin gst to use his new golden chainsaw, but the crowning moment comes when President Cuban lobs a grenade into a incoming shark, blowing it to pieces. 

2. Fin Uses George Washington to Kill a Shark

Fighting his way out of the White House, Fin used a bust of George Washington to subdue a nearby shark. The face of the first U.S. president staring back from the body of a killer shark was certainly unsettling. 

3. God Bless America

At the end of the Washington D.C. cold open, a group including President Cuban, Vice President Ann Coulter and Fin raise an American flag to impale the last incoming shark with the flag pole. The scene resulted in a wacky re-creation of the famous "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima" photo. "God Bless America," Fin declares. God Bless America indeed. 

4. Sharks Crash NASCAR

As Fin makes his way to Orlando with Nova (Cassie Scherbo), a sharknado hits a car race. Chaos ensues. Joey Logano gets eaten.

5. Poor Frankie Muniz 

Frankie Muniz's Lucas could not catch a break. On top of his unrequited love for Nova, Lucas lost all four of his limbs to shark one by one as he struggled to get to his van's self destruct button, eventually hitting it with his nose. Lucas had fans' sympathies, but it sure made for a funny scene. 

6. Jaws Strikes Back

It would have been enough to have the iconic hanging shark from "Jaws" in Orlando's Universal Studio's theme park come alive and eat an unsuspecting tourist. That the tourist was Jerry Springer made this scene priceless. 

7.  George R.R. Martin Gets Some Payback

"Game of Thrones" fans have had to cope with the loss of a many a character thanks to author George R.R. Martin, so it must have been therapeutic to watch "Sharknado 3" show Martin what it feels like to get an early exit from the story. The author loses his head to the jaws of a shark while eating popcorn in a movie theater. 

8. Fin Goes Armageddon 

In some sort of cross between a 1980s music video and "Top Gun," Fin emerged in full Astronaut gear to take a rocket into space (yes, space) with his dad, Gilbert(David Hasselhoff), and put an end to the shark storms. The overkill slow motion and inexplicable fog combined for one of the funniest scenes of the night. 

9. Anthony Weiner Makes a Cameo

The former Congressman's sly, dialogue-free cameo, slipping in to take command of NASA mission control, had the Congressman trending on Twitter for the first time since his infamous sex scandal. 

10. Sharks in Space

Well, Fin and his Dad's laser from space saved everyone on earth, even if Gilbert had to die in the process, but unfortunately it also sent a batch of sharks into orbit towards Fin's shuttle. So, naturally, Fin and April (Tara Reid) took on the baddies with chainsaws, gravity or no gravity. 

11. Fans Decide April's Fate

Fin and April land on a beach back on earth after being eaten whole by a shark in space, but once they are back on the ground they emerge from the belly of the beast chainsaws first. Oh, and they have a new baby boy as well. Evidently, April gave birth inside of the shark. Unfortunately, when April goes to retrieve a pin Fin's father gave him one more shark comes hurdling towards the new mother. The movie cut to credits with Syfy leaving April's fate to Twitter and a hashtag vote (#AprilLives vs. #AprilDies. Fans will find out next summer in "Sharknado 4."