Two accused shoplifters had to face the karmic music today when their car was robbed while they were stealing from a local supermarket, in one of the best karmic strokes Ogden, Utah has ever seen.

Korin Vanhouten, 47, and Eldon Alexander, 36, were at a WinCo grocery store when they began their attempted stealing spree.

Security officials saw the pair stuffing makeup, energy bars and batteries into their pockets and hauled them in for questioning. They had reviewed surveillance video and recovered stolen property from the suspects, Police Lt. Eric Young told Utah's Deseret News.

When Vanhouten and Alexander were released, they had lost all of their stolen winnings and had a citation for attempted shoplifting.

But something worse was awaiting them at their car: a attempted carjacking and successful robbery of their own vehicle. The thief made off with a stereo and amplifier, a drum machine and some cigarettes.

So after trying to steal about $25 worth of goods, police report that the pair ended up losing roughly $60 of their own.

I think they were unlucky, Young said of the pair, who ended up being victims of the same crime they tried to commit.

Video footage shows a man in a red sweater stealing from Vanhouten and Alexander's car.

As for the fact the the break-in reportedly happened while a police officer's car was parked nearby?

It was starting to get dark, Young said, noting that the cop was likely inside interrogating the shoplifters at the time of the carjacking.