Two men were hospitalized Monday after someone launched a shopping cart off the third story of a parking garage near a Home Depot in the Bronx.

The two men--one 52-years-old, the other 30-years-old--were taken to Lincoln Medical and Health Center after the shopping cart hit them in the heads. The 52-year-old remains in critical condition, while the other man is now stable.

Police have not yet identified a suspect, but are still investigating the incident. They think it may have to do with a feud between livery car service rivals.

The case recalls a similar incident last October, when a 12-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy pushed a shopping cart off the fourth floor of a target, hitting philanthropist Marion Hedges on the head.

Hedges was placed in a medical coma and sustained a serious head injury. The two boys were arrested on charges of assault; the youngest of the two was released from under probation earlier this month.