It appears Michelle Williams is less than crushed by the satirical site Poor Michelle. 
Aimed at poking fun at all the moments she was shortchanged or overlooked by Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland, her Destiny's Child bandmates, the #PoorMichelle hashtag is used to share memes, videos, photos and silly tweets that illustrate all the times Williams got the short end of the stick.
There is even, a blog dedicated to curating both images and videos that document the plight of DC3's sometimes underappreciated member. The posts are typically accompanied by a brief description of the specific offense against Williams, just to ensure you fully understand the moment of injustice presented. 
Both Williams herself and Destiny's Child's fans have mostly embraced the site and hashtag as a harmless joke. But on Thursday, she offered her own take on the hashtag in a tweet on her account.
She informed the world that the world she is anything but poor, briskly shutting down any remaining questions regarding her life or net worth. And she still found it in her heart to elegantly exit the conversation.
Sure, it's unlikely a #ProsperousMichelle hashtag will be taking off anytime soon. But with that gracefully dispensed shade, Williams proved she's indeed rich in talent, funds and the ability to expertly silence her personal peanut gallery.