A “Sons of Anarchy” fan favorite will make her Season 7 debut when the motorcycle drama returns for its final season in September. Can you guess who? We’ll give you a hint: She’s sexy, sassy and played by the actor Walter Goggins. That’s right, Venus Van Dam will be reprising her show-stopping role in the last installment of the FX series.

“I am very happy to report that in season 7 of SOA, THERE WILL BE SOME MUTHAF---IN’ VENUS,” Kurt Sutter tweeted out to his 400,000 followers. The tweet received more than 1,000 favorites and 750 retweets, proving Goggins’ character has become one of the show’s most beloved guest stars.

And we’re not the only ones who have grown rather fond of watching Venus strut her stuff around Charming. Goggins revealed last October that not only did he fall in love with his character but that playing the role of Venus was “like a drug” for him.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you see her again before this show is done. I’ll just say that,” he previously told Entertainment Weekly in an interview. “She’s like a drug for me. And I think she’s like a drug for Kurt. Kurt and his writing staff did such a good job of creating this woman who is as strong as they come and now simultaneously as vulnerable as they come. I just… I miss her. I missed her the day that we wrapped, and I miss her now. I hope to be six inches taller than some of the members of the gang on ‘Sons of Anarchyagain, but we’ll see.”

It looks like Goggins’ wish was Sutter’s command. Now if only the creator could answer the plea of fans! Viewers are begging for a Venus and Tig relationship when Season 7 finally debuts. Tig (played by Kim Coates) and Goggins’ character had an interesting bond in Season 6 when Venus reached out to the club for help in saving her son. During that time, Venus developed a crush on the foul-mouth Son – and as it turns out, the feeling was mutual! Fingers crossed these two will make it Facebook-official in Season 7.

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