With only two episodes left until the “Sons of Anarchy” series finale, fans of the hit FX show have been feverishly theorizing what will become of Katey Sagal’s character, Gemma. Will Kurt Sutter, the mastermind behind the motorcycle drama, kill off Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam) mother before the show concludes? The actress teased the answer during an interview with E! Online, promising fans they won't be disappointed.

“In terms of what happens to her next, I’m sure some people want her dead and I’m sure some people want her to live forever,” Sagal began. “I can’t really speak to where it’s going, but the fans are going to be really satisfied.” Is it just us, or can you see the meat carvers dancing around in the heads of fans already?

Sagal then explained how Sutter tackled Gemma’s fate. “I think Kurt has spoken about this, about how he tried to approach it like it was another episode and the story keeps going, but I think it's very satisfying." And she wasn’t the only one who thought so! Apparently Hunnam likes what Sutter has planned for his menacing TV mother.

Below are a few of our theories on what might happen to Gemma before the series finale of "Sons of Anarchy":

1. Gemma will be killed off: This is the most obvious theory -- even more so after it was revealed that another major character would meet his/her demise before the finale. But who will be offing Gemma if this prediction stands true?

Jax – Now that Jax knows his mother brutally murdered his wife, we wouldn’t put it past Jacky to put his mother six feet under. An eye for an eye, Gemma. You know that.

SAMCRO – Jax has always handled his own baggage. But when it comes to his mother, the Sons leader turns into putty. Jax might have to lean on SAMCRO to do his biding if he’s unable to pull the trigger -- literally. And we bet they wouldn't think twice of doing it after all the damage she’s caused them.

2. Ostracized:  Instead of killing his mother, Jax may find a harsher punishment, by banning Gemma from being a part of the Teller family. Since the show’s pilot, Gemma has always stated how important family is to her, which is why this might be a higher price for her to pay.

3. Suicide: Gemma is a survivor, but if her family cuts their ties with her, then it’s pretty safe to say Gemma would have nothing else to live for. 

What do you think Sutter has planned for Sagal’s character? Sound off with your Gemma theories in the comments section below.