Earthquakes in Spain killed 8 people in total, including 1 minor, according to El Pais, a Spanish newspaper.  The epicenter was in Sierra de Tercia, Murcia.  The impact of the tremors, however, could be felt in other provinces like Albacete and Madrid.   

The first 4.5 magnitude earthquake struck at 5:05 pm local time.  A second 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck at 6:47 pm local time.  In addition to the casualties, roads have been damaged, a road tunnel has collapsed, and many homes have been damaged. 

The region of Murcia is the most seismically active area in Spain, according to El Pais, and Wednesdays’ earthquakes were the worst in 30 years.

Back in 2005, a 4.6 magnitude earthquake struck there.  This 2005 earthquake did not cause any fatalities or injuries to people but did damage buildings.