Microsoft sent a letter to advanced purchasers of it's special edition Valentines Day Zune, saying the red media player may in fact, not be delivered on the 14th, but will come with a full refund when it arrives.

Three weeks ago the software giant announced the special edition player, which comes with custom engravings schemes inspired by the themes of love and sharing, Microsoft said. Pre-orders were taken, and it the unit was suppose to arrive in time for February's day of love.

Due to some issues in our fulfillment center there remains a chance we will miss getting your Zune to you by February 14th, Microsoft wrote to buyers in an email. The Redmond Wash.-company did explain that it would be refunding the entire amount of your order, for the incurred delay, however.

The $249 priced player comes with 80GB of storage, and joins Microsoft's 4GB and 8GB models, available in pink, green, black, and red, and a standard 80GB Zune that comes in black.