Technology giant Apple Inc. has let down millions of Apple fans by not celebrating the 10th anniversary of its retail stores today.

The iPhone maker, which opened its first store on this day exactly ten years back, was expected to commemorate the event by making special announcements and launching new products.

And, thanks to the notoriously secretive nature of the company, rumors had begun flying think and fast on what Apple could possibly do to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Though Apple and its employees were tight-lipped on the matter, sources close to the company said this year Apple will be celebrating the anniversary in a special way and the company has some big announcements in the pipeline.

Apple fanboy hoped for new product launches or at least hardware refresh as MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, and iPods are long due for an overhaul.

Among the expected big announcements were new stores opening, a possible unveiling of iCloud and the announcement of an iOS app for the Apple Store 2.0. According to 9to5 Mac's Mark Gurman, the rumored app's goal is to assist customers with their in-store experience by helping a user find a particular device at a particular Apple Store or if necessary, connect the user to an Apple specialist at the store.

Some reports said Apple would also unveil a whole new retail experience called Apple Store 2.0. Apple, which takes the personal setup service of its stores very seriously, is reportedly setting up new dedicated areas in stores called Startup Sessions where the new bars are said to be even more interactive. In addition, in Apple Store 2.0, the paper signage will be replaced by interactive iPads and in some select stores, customers will be greeted by huge, beefed up displays and brand-new sound systems.

iPod Touch-based point-of-sale wireless payment terminals are also reportedly being replaced by iPad 2 with magnetic Smart Covers and its proprietary in-house communications client known as RetailMe installed.

However, International Business Times (IBTimes) found out that Apple had no birthday bash in store, a least for today.

Apple's store on Stockton Street in San Francisco was open but it was business as usual, a store employee said. The employee, who refused to give his name, said he wasn't aware of any celebration plans and didn't even know that today was the 10th anniversary of Apple's retail stores.

A customer inside the store said he didn't know that Apple was planning to have an anniversary bash. The customer said he's from Indonesia and was in the store to buy an iPad because the device hasn't yet launched in his country.

There was no unusual activity in Apple's store in 20th Avenue too.

Does Steve Jobs have something up his sleeves that we don't know about? Or is Apple playing spoilsport? Take your pick.