Two 17-year-old spring breakers, Luke Vaughn and Cody Decker, selflessly helped two victims of a horrific crash from burning in their vehicle Tuesday night.

The high school seniors were attempted into activate an electric gate at their condo in Palm Coast, Fla., when they witnessed a Jaguar X series zoom past them at speeds estimated to be approximately 100 mph. The car crashed into a pair of trees just before 1 a.m. The car then caught fire.

I mean you could hear the shock of it, like a firework going off, said Vaughn according to FlaglerLive. So I immediately dialed 911 and he started sprinting down there.

Seeing the crash, the pair called 911 and sprang into action toward the car, attempting to see if there were any survivors. The 911 dispatcher asked how many were trapped in the vehicle, while Vaughn responded that he could see two individuals in the nearly split car, reported ABC.

He initially believed the individuals were killed in the wreck, but then he heard moans and groans coming from the car.

They were begging for their lives, Vaughn said, according to ABC, yelling, 'Get us out, it's hot, come on.' You just immediately do everything you possibly can to get them out of the car.

Tracy Lopez, 42, and Carlos Adams, 44, were trapped in the vehicle, yelling for their lives. Decker and another witness attempted to bend the door, but it would not move. Vaughn told 911 that they desperately needed assistance.

That's when Luke got there, said Decker, according to FlaglerLive. He's talking on the phone. And the door frame for the window is slightly open, and me and the guy in the Marine shirt tried to open it, but we couldn't get it, that's when I yelled at Luke to get off the phone and help us out.

Eventually, they were able to get Lopez out of the vehicle. She was covered in blood and pair said it appeared her face hit the dashboard. Adams's legs appeared to be pinned.

The dash rolled onto it, so the fire was coming then, and his foot was actually burned, said Vaugn. So we were able to get underneath his arms and just, I mean-it was all we had just to rip him out and drag his legs out and get him to safety. At that point the car really just caught fire more, and it just kind of burst. The flames just escalated.

However, they were able to pull Adams to safety as emergency workers arrived on the scene.

The families of the victims are very thankful for the Vaughn's and Decker's quick thinking and bravery.

I have no idea what my mom and her boyfriend were doing driving at that time, or what Codie and Luke were doing, driving at that time, said Jessica Lopez, Tracy's oldest daughter, reported Flagler Live. But for them to be at the same place, at the same time, I thought -- it's a miracle, like, there's no other way to put it. If it wasn't for them being where they were, at the moment that they were, we'd be attending two funerals rather than a few hospital visits. So that's a miracle, really.