Banana Sam is back in the zoo and is safe.  Sam, a popular squirrel monkey at the San Francisco Zoo, was reported missing from its enclosure on Friday morning.

The 17-year-old monkey was recovered and returned to the zoo by the San Francisco police Saturday night, reports CNN.   

According to a statement released by the zoo, Banana Sam looked scared, was trembling and hungry when it was brought to the zoo by the police. It was declared healthy after a medical examination conducted by zoo authorities.

Banana Sam was reportedly located at Stern Grove Park. A visitor noticed Banana Sam sitting in a park bush and alerted the police.   

The San Francisco Zoo has 17 more squirrel monkeys. The theft of Banana Sam had created panic about the safety of other squirrel monkeys in the zoo. Fearing further theft attempts targeting the monkeys, authorities had canceled the public exhibition of squirrel monkeys.

Worried zoo authorities had initially announced a reward of $1000 for his return, which was later enhanced to $5000.

The thieves stole Banana Sam by cutting a gate and making two holes in the mesh, around the enclosure.

Squirrel monkeys live up to their late 20s and are not considered as endangered species.