Thousands of revellers, street artists and merrymakers took part in the annual St. Patrick's Day celebrations across the world on March.17, 2012.

The cultural and religious holiday is celebrated to commemorate Saint Patrick, one of the most recognised patron saints of Ireland.

Although the event is not a legal holiday in the U.S., nonetheless it is celebrated with great pomp and glory in the country. Mostly observed as a celebration of Irish and Irish American culture, the event is marked by prominent displays of the colour green, feasting, copious consumption of alcohol, religious observances and numerous parades.

The current annual St. Patrick's Day celebrations in New York included the 251st parade with even the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg joining in the celebrations.

The holiday has been celebrated on the North American continent since the late eighteenth century, prior to the American Revolution.

Apart from this, dozens of other parades took place in cities and countries across the globe.

As part of the celebrations, 31 global landmarks turned green for the day, including the leaning tower of Pisa, Table Mountain, the London Eye, the Sydney Opera House and Burj al Arab in Dubai.

Even the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton joined in the celebrations by presenting shamrocks to Irish Guards during a visit to Aldershot Barracks in Aldershot, southern England.

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