Yes it is.

Many NFL fans who hoped the Pittsburgh Steelers would make it to the Super Bowl succeeded.

The Steelers beat the Ravens Sunday 23-14 in the AFC Championship game. The Steelers, featuring former Virginia Cavaliers, James Farrior and Pittsburgh Heath Miller who both played important key roles.

Miller was second leading receiver with three catches for 62 yards plus a 30 yard grab in the second half lead the Steelers a field goal. Farrior led the team with nine tackles. An interception from Troy Polamalu sealed the deal for the Steelers. He ran it back 40 yards for a touchdown; Pittsburgh's defense really won the game.

Three years ago both Miller and Farrior got a ring when the Steelers beat Seattle for the title. They're both looking forward for their second Super Bowl championship.

As for the Cardinals, they're headed to the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history. On the other side of this year Super Bowl seasons, one former Arizona Cardinals will be there. The only former Wahoo in the Super Bowl was no other than Elton Brown of the Cardinals.