Stephen Collins, who is best known for his role on the hit family drama TV series “7th Heaven” as Reverend Eric Camden, is now being investigated by authorities after he admitted to molesting children under the age of 14 on tape. The confession, which was obtained by TMZ, revealed the 67-year-old recounting his “several” offenses during a therapy session with his ex-wife, Faye Grant.

Throughout the tape, Collins admitted to molesting an 11-year-old girl from New York, who was a relative of his first wife, Marjorie Weinman. "There was one moment of touching where her hand, I put her hand on my penis,” he revealed.

Grant then asked Collins if he had an erection when he exposed himself. "No. I mean, no. Partial, maybe, I think,” he replied.

Collins also admitted to inappropriate behavior with a girl from Los Angeles (whom he later apologized to, according to the tape) and a separate New York victim (who was between the ages of 12 and 13 at the time of the molestation). The New York Police Department confirmed to E! News that a complaint has been filed against the actor and that the Manhattan Special Victims Unit is investigating the case.

In addition to being investigated by the police, all “7th Heaven” reruns have been pulled from UP TV’s schedule. UP TV President Charley Humbard explained the network's decision.

“As a top family-friendly network, we are deeply concerned for the families that are potentially affected by these disturbing allegations surrounding actor Stephen Collins," he said in a statement. "'7th Heaven' has been a beloved family show and a fan favorite on our network. We have made the decision to remove the series from our schedule."

The network's decision means that viewers won’t be able to listen to Reverend Camden’s quotes with fresh ears. Check out some of Collins' "7th Heaven" lines that seem extra creepy and suspicious now that he is being investigated for child molestation:

1. Rev. Eric Camden: "There's always going to be somebody who'll try to take your dignity and self-esteem. Just never let them take your voice."

2. Rev. Eric Camden: "All right, Simon, I don't like what you have been doing. And it's really been difficult to believe that after growing up in this family you could just so easily abandon what you've been taught and what I think you believe and ... I do love you, son, I do. I hate what you've been doing, but I love you."

3. Annie: "Teenagers."

Rev. Eric Camden: "Yeah, if you don't like their mood, wait 10 minutes."

4. Rev. Eric Camden: "Don't try to ruin a perfectly good night of spying on the kids with logic."

5. Rev. Eric Camden: "Are you aware that our living room is filled with children who don't belong to us?"

6. Reverend Eric Camden: "Sometimes when someone leaves out information that absence could be considered a lie by omission."

7. Rev. Eric Camden: "Well, what kind of husband would I be if I didn't support you 100 percent by helping out with the house and kids?"

Annie Camden: "A jerk."

8. Rev. Eric Camden: "Matt, you're 17, and she's... I don't know what she is."

9. Annie: [Answering the phone] "Hello?"

Rev. Eric Camden: "What are you wearing?"

Annie: "Eric?"

Rev. Eric Camden: "Yeah, it's me. So... What are you wearing?"

Annie: "What do you mean, 'What am I wearing?'"

Rev. Eric Camden: "I mean... What are you wearing?"

Annie: "I'm wearing my clothes."

Rev. Eric Camden: "What kind of clothes?"

Annie: "The same clothes you saw me in this morning."

Rev. Eric Camden: "Don't you wanna take off your sweater?"

Annie: "No, I'm cold. Are you OK? You sound strange."

Rev. Eric Camden: "I'm sick."

Annie: "You're sick?"

Rev. Eric Camden: "Yeah, I'm lovesick for you, baby."

Annie: "'Baby?'"

10. Rev. Camden: "Teenagers shouldn't have sex. Sex is for married couples."

Vincent: "Okay, so... what if Ruthie doesn't get married in her twenties or her thirties and she's in her mid forties, on her own, earning her own money, living in her own house, and she's madly in love with this great guy who has a fear of commitment?"

Rev. Camden: "Don't care if she's 80, the answer is still no."

Vincent: "This is why I don't wanna go to church."

11. Rev. Eric Camden: "Your hair looks nice, Luce."

Lucy Camden: "Nice or ... sexy?"

Rev. Eric Camden: "Nice, definitely nice. If my 13-year-old daughter had sexy hair, I'd shave her head."

12. Rev. Eric Camden: "Two new babies and we still get to torture the other five. I told you this was gonna be fun."

13. Rev. Eric Camden: "Admitting you have a problem is the first step. I think it's the hardest step, too."