The 911 call made after former American Football player Steve McNair and his 20-year old lover Sahel Kazemi were found dead was released by the Metro Nashville Police Department today.

The call was placed on Saturday July 4, at about 1:37 p.m. and published by TMZ.

To listen to the 911 call click here.

Nashville police chief said yesterday that jealousy drove Kazemi to shoot McNair,36 to death while he was sleeping and then she committed suicide.

Read below a transcript of the call.


CALLER: Oh my God.


Heavy breathing


CALLER:....Heavy breathing....Hello

OPERATOR: Yeah, what's going on man? This is 911.

CALLER: Hello ...Crying ...Oh my God.

OPERATOR: Sir, what's going on?

CALLER: Inaudible

OPERATOR: Hello ...

CALLER: Hey, what is his address? ...What's his address?

OPERATOR: What street are you on?

CALLER: Inaudible.

OPERATOR: Sir, what street are you on?

CALLER: I don't ... Second and Main? inaudible

CALLER: Second and Lea. [NOTE Lea is pronounced lee.]

OPERATOR: All right, what's your name?

CALLER: My name is Rob.

OPERATOR: Rob, what's going on?



CALLER: Yes... inaudible.

OPERATOR: Second and Lea don't cross. Where are you at?

CALLER: At this ... at a condo.

OPERATOR: OK. Do you know what the address is?

CALLER: What? ... Hey man? ... I am trying to ask this guy right here.


CALLER: Excuse me, excuse me ... Excuse me. Excuse me.

OPERATOR: OK, I tell you what. Let's do this. Rob, tell me what's going on. I've got it. Where you at?

CALLER: Coughing



OPERATOR: Tell me what's going on?

CALLER: Somebody's been shot, I haven't checked the vitals, but he's ... but ...

OPERATOR: OK. All right, bear with me. I am going to help you out here. Where exactly are you at Second and Lea?



OPERATOR: OK. Boss, talk to me so I can try to help you here. Give me some info. Where are you?

CALLER: I am trying to find exactly where I'm at sir. I am walking out here to the curb.

OPERATOR: Is the person breathing?

CALLER: It don't look like it.

CALLER: Between, between the Rutledge... the-the-the condos are between the Rutledge and Second Avenue.


CALLER: There is sign right here that says Car-Car Cardwell Place, 105 Lea Avenue

OPERATOR: OK. All right. I got help on the way. Now, tell me what is going on?

CALLER: I'm, I'm about ... Do I, do I need to walk back inside the place?

OPERATOR: That's up to you. I'll leave it up to you.

CALLER: There's two bullet wounds, two gun shots inside the wall

OPERATOR: OK. All right, now do you know who this is? I mean, tell me, tell me how you found this?

CALLER: Inaudible

OPERATOR: OK. What apartment is it?

CALLER: It's Apartment..... Oh, boy.

OPERATOR: You don't have to go back in there if you don't want to ... but I mean, you know.

CALLER: Apartment four, sir

OPERATOR: Is there a name to those apartments?

CALLER: Is there a what?

OPERATOR: Is there a name to those apartments?

CALLER: No, not that I know of.

OPERATOR: And you're not sure what the address is?

CALLER: No sir...I hate to have to be the one to make this call. This is so messed up.

OPERATOR: OK. All right, Rob. I have some help coming to you. Now, tell me what happened?

CALLER: I have no idea sir.

OPERATOR: OK, but I mean how did you ...

CALLED: I - I received a phone call that um ... that there was injured parties inside this apartment.


CALLER: And...

OPERATOR: OK. Is it male or female?

CALLER: Two, there's two people.

OPERATOR: Two people?


OPERATOR: And they both appear to be deceased?

CALLER: I think so sir.

OPERATOR: OK. Male, female, both?



CALLER: I don't know how long they have been there.

OPERATOR: OK, hold on. You said they are male or female or both, what? What are their genders?

CALLER: It's a male and a female.


CALLER: Oh my...

OPERATOR: Do you see the officer yet?

CALLER: No, I hear the sirens though. ... This is so messed up and I haven't, I haven't even been upstairs.

OPERATOR: OK. Now, you got a call from who?

CALLER: His name is, his name is Wayne and him and one of the inaudible.... He came by and got inaudible. He didn't really pay no attention. But he said, 'I think they are hurt in there.' So, he called me because he knows I am a man's best man. So I check on him and he's. ... It is not looking good in here.

OPERATOR: And you said the guy you got the call from is what?


OPERATOR: And you don't know his last name?

CALLER: No, sir.

OPERATOR: And he's the roommate?

CALLER: Yeah, however they had it situated.

OPERATOR: And he's the roommate of one of the deceased?

CALLER: I think so sir. I don't know all the details.

Police arrives at the scene.

POLICE OFFICER: Who are you and what are you doing here?

CALLER: My name is Robert Gaddy, and I received a phone call. I came down and checked it out.

OFFICER: Who called you?

CALLER: His name is Wayne. The guy inaudible shared an apartment with.

OFFICER: Now, do me a favor.

CALLER: Can I get off the phone now.

OPERATOR: You, can talk to the officer, bye bye.