While an official determination has not yet been made, preliminary results obtained by a medical examiner point to a murder suicide by Sahel Kazemi, the girlfriend of ex-NFL player Steve McNair.

Examiner Dr. Feng Li, who conducted autopsies on twobodies, said he would wit for police investigations to conclude before stating on Kazemi's death certificate that she died from a suicide, he told the Tennesean.

“With the lab tests to be obtained combined with the autopsy findings, we will put a final opinion on the death certificate,” Li said.

Determinations made from the crime scene investigation, police interviews, autopsy findings and preliminary lab results, including gunshot residues and ballistics testing also pointed in the same direction.

McNair, who had a 13 year career in the NFL was found on July 4 in an apartment with two gunshots in the head and two in the chest along with Kazemi who died from a single shot to the head. Under her body was found a gun she purchased about two days before the killings.