Mimi Faust literally and figuratively had the last laugh Monday night in the season finale of Vh1’s hit reality show “Love and Hip Hop” Atlanta. Producer Stevie J called Faust and infamous side chick Joseline Hernandez together -- and proposed to both women.

At first Hernandez was swept off her feet when she saw the romantic date her lover and manager had set up, but her happiness was soon tarnished when Faust, whom Stevie J continually tried to go back to, walked in. After a little speech and a few Stevie J “rat faces,” the music mogul proposed to the Miami native.

In last week’s episode, the self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess” proposed to her on-again, off-again boyfriend. After the look of shock faded from his face, Stevie J agreed to marry the girl he turned from stripper to starlet.

Earlier in Monday’s episode, Hernandez told a few other women on the show that she and Stevie J were engaged to be married, but the ladies didn’t seem convinced about a Stevie-Joseline union since there was no ring.

For months fans of the show have been speculating whether the hip-hop duo actually went through with their nuptials, but this week “LHHATL” viewers found out exactly what happened. Hernandez, of course, accepted the ring her manager/boyfriend gave her, but Faust continued to snicker and sardonically congratulate the pair. After a few moments, Stevie J turned to the mother of his daughter Eva and offered her a proposition.

He essentially told her he wanted her in his life and also gave Faust a ring! Viewers were stunned, Hernandez was irate and Faust laughed even harder. But the giggles soon subsided when the Puerto Rican Princess stomped out of the room. When Stevie J followed she attempted to throw punches at her manager, but the camera crew broke the two up.

The drama soon became laughable once more when Stevie J couldn’t figure out why Hernandez was so mad at him. “I offered her a lifetime membership,” he said about his marriage proposal to Hernandez. Faust was shown pouring herself another glass of champagne and laughing triumphantly.  

Unfortunately for him, polygamy doesn’t seem to be in Stevie J’s future. Check out the “LHHATL” reunion part 1 on VH1 next Monday at 8/7c.