It’s just about time to put the final touches on Christmas shopping, which means you might need some ideas for stocking stuffers for your boyfriend. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions that most guys would like their stocking to be filled with.

1. Chapstick: The winter months can make lips chapped. Help him moisture them.

2. Movie/Sports/Music Tickets: Buy tickets to something he would like to see ahead of time -- or purchase a gift card if it’s for a movie.

3. Socks: If he’s a serious type, get a pair of socks to go with his suit; if he’s more on the silly side get toe socks; and if he’s the outdoors type get him heavy-duty socks that will keep his feet warm.

4. Ear buds: Chances are he already has these, but you can never have too many.

5. Golf Or Tennis Balls: We’ll refrain from any obvious/offensive jokes.

6. $5 Gift Card: Get him one to his favorite fast-food place or favorite coffee shop.

7. Hot Sauce: If your boyfriend is the type of guy who likes things spicy, get him a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot, Cholula, Tabasco or sriracha.

8. Health Food: Try his favorite protein bar or type of nuts.

9. Beef Jerky: Turkey jerky is a good alternative, too.

10. Beard Oil or Cream: Billy Jealously has a “Beard Envy” kit for $20.

11. Cigars: If he’s the type who likes to smoke, he might want to celebrate the holidays with a stogie.

12. Alcohol: You can get one of those mini bottles from the liquor store.

13. Lotto Tickets: If he hits it, maybe he’ll split the winnings with you.

14. Hand Warmer: Hot Hands works great to keep mitts warm.

15. Lint Roller: He probably won’t buy this for himself, but it’ll help keep those fuzzballs away.

16. Cell Phone Case: All you need to know is what model he has.

17. Playing Cards: Because one can never have too many packs.

18. Pocket Knives: Just in case he doesn’t have this already.

19. Whiskey Balls: These will ensure his drink doesn’t get watered down.

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