Two students are in big trouble after their classmates at the University of Colorado complained of sickness and their professor almost fainted from ingesting brownies laced with marijuana.

Thomas Ricardo Cunningham, 21, and Mary Elizabeth Essa, 19, are facing four felony charges apiece for the prank, and each count carries a maximum of 12 years in prison. Boulder’s Daily Camera reports they are charged with suspicion of second-degree assault, inducing the consumption of controlled substances by fraudulent means, conspiracy to commit second-degree assault and conspiracy to induce the consumption of controlled substances by fraudulent means.

Campus police responded on Friday morning to a call of a teacher in the science building who was dizzy and struggling to stay on her feet. She was taken to the hospital before a mother of a student in the class called the CU police to say her daughter also had to be treated for anxiety attacks.

After a third individual came forward, law enforcement was able to connect the maladies and determine they were each suffering the effects of intoxication of THC, the active ingredient of marijuana. Basically, everyone was really stoned.

Cunningham and Essa later admitted to police they had made the pot brownies as part of a “bring food to class” day.

“There could be prison time in this case,” said Ryan Huff, spokesman for the University of Colorado police. “This is something we take very seriously. … It was planned. They knew what they were doing.”

Marijuana advocates might be on the defensive but officials say there is no connection with Colorado's recent approval of pot legalization, for all uses, for adults age 21 and over. Amendment 64 is to take effect in January.

“Putting marijuana in a food product and providing it somebody without their knowledge has always been illegal, and that will continue to be illegal, even after Amendment 64,” Huff told WAFB News.  

Students feeding pot brownies to their unknowing classmates is disgusting, but it isn’t exactly rare. Earlier this year Canadian police responded to a call of a “mass poisoning” in Victoria, British Columbia, and eventually charged a young man with community service after his mother accidentally brought his brownies to work.