Most firms nowadays especially in this era of financial downturn are doing its best to cut cost effectively however some may not notice about the impact of keeping the old mindset. A new release study shows that a company who wishes to save money by keeping old computer cost more.

The research study conducted by Wipro Product Strategy and Services sponsored by Intel Corp. which is titled as “Cost Effective Strategies for the Times” figured how businesses can save more with a new technology than keeping old system, a whopping 52% savings can be reap with a new PCs compare to a 4year old System.

The Wipro PSA analysts gathered detailed data from large enterprises (50 North American, 25 UK, and 25 German companies) on the costs of PC management and current refresh practices.

The cost of deploying software (applications, patches, operating systems) to PCs is the largest component of rising PC support costs followed by costs of diagnosis and repair of PCs, software problems by 53% for incidents.

Through the course of study the proponents found out that a support costs for PCs increase steeply with age, in Year 4, support costs are higher than the cost of a new Mobile or Desktop PCs and a delaying refresh also results in delaying the rollout of new management and security capabilities which further impacts the cost of supporting existing systems.