A homeless man was found dead in an Upper East Side subway station, after a fire broke out at the 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue station. 

The body of 46-year-old Anthony Hornton was found in an abandoned room of the station, which he had converted into a living space complete with a bed, couch, toaster and refrigerator. Hornton had lived underground off and on since coming out of a children's shelter. 

Hornton had co-authored a graphic novel about life underground. In 2004, he met artist Yuome Nguyen Ly, who collaborated with him to write the book.

Firefighters received a call about the fire around 9 p.m. When they arrived upon the scene, they discovered smoke coming from a communications room where they found Hornton's body.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, though firefighters believe it was not started intentionally. 

You can find the book HERE on Amazon.