With no fabric or conventional materials how could a designer possibly make a couture dress worthy of a runway show? This is the challenge that was presented as part of Project Subway to four designers: Danilo Gabrielli, Jennifer Henry, Mariana Valentina and Ainslee Bowers.

Each contestant created two looks made from straws, paper, wrappers and plastic. The looks that walked the runway looked anything but conventional as Subway was brought to life in a uniquely fashionable way.

The panel of celebrity judge’s including Subway spokesperson; Jared had the difficult task of picking just one winner who would take the prize of a year’s supply of subway. Each designer had their own fresh take on the challenge and no two looks were the same.

But in the end there can only be one winner, and that winner was Danilo Gabrielli who was all smiles when he spoke to us after his win. Coming to that decision was not easy as explained by Jared. He also told IBTimesTV that this event will be the first of many, so we could see some more plastic and paper couture in the near future. Who said fashion was supposed to be serious?