Things are about to get super creepy on "Supernatural" Season 11. During episode 5 of the hit CW series, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) will pack their bags and make their way to Fall River, Massachusetts, a town that became infamous for the bone-chilling murders of Andrew and Abby Borden.

In 1892, the couple was gruesomely slaughtered in their home after getting repeatedly struck with an axe. Their daughter, Lizzie, became the police’s prime suspect. But eventually, she was tried and acquitted of the horrific killings despite the controversial case evidence. The story continues to peek the interest of others, including the Winchester brothers, nearly 100 years later.

In the upcoming installment, titled “Thin Lizzie,” Sam and Dean will pay a visit to the Lizzie Borden bed and breakfast after hearing about a chilling murder that occurred at the establishment -- one that had an eerie resemblance to the murders that took place in 1892.

“No, it’s absolutely not a crime scene anymore,” the hotel concierge says on the phone in a sneak-peek video, trying to convince a customer that the hotel is safe -- and sanitized. “The rooms been cleaned and you’re not even on the same floor. There’s no reason to cancel…”

The boys overhear the phone call and question if people are “still freaked out about the murders.”

“Some find it exciting,” he says to them before Sam begins to question who could have been responsible for the killings.

“We read about the tragedy -- and I’m a bit of a history buff -- and I just wanted to ask, do you think the killings had to do with Lizzie Borden... I mean, her ghost, or whatever?” Sam inquires while Dean adds he personally thinks it’s a “crazed fan” that just broke in and did the gruesome deed themselves.

The concierge is intrigued by their curiosity and promises to divulge what he knows… for a price. That’s when Sam breaks out his wallet to buy a room in the empty, haunted hotel for the night.

It was revealed that the Winchesters think Amara (The Darkness) is behind all the deaths after a local man tells the brothers that he spotted a little girl wandering around the B&B around the time customers of the Lizzie Borden museum were whacked with an axe.

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