Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) will come face-to-face with a blast from their past in the upcoming installment of “Supernatural" Season 11. That’s right, when the Winchester brothers return from their Thanksgiving hiatus, fans will get to watch the two reunite with their old friend Sully (Nate Torrence).

Sully was the imaginary friend of Sam from back in the day, Entertainment Weekly reported in September. According to reports, Dean’s little brother conjured up the invisible pal to keep him company while Dean and his dad were off on their hunting adventures.

So, why has Sully decided to reenter Sam’s life? Well, according to the synopsis for episode 8, titled “Just My Imagination,” his childhood buddy will make an unexpected appearance with the hopes that Sam can lend his former bestie a helping hand.

In the promo video for the forthcoming installment, it’s revealed that imaginary creatures created by children are being senselessly slaughtered by a mysterious killer.

“It’s a blood bath,” Sully says fearfully in a clip from episode 8, clearly fearing for his own life, as he stands at the murder scene of a mermaid.

In addition to watching the boys take on the new and challenging task, audiences will also get a glimpse into Sam's childhood.

“Flashbacks reveal young Sam’s friendship with Sully and why he needed him,” the summary notes, warning fans they just may even fall more in love with the shaggy-haired Winchester come episode 8.

“Supernatural” will return from its short break on Wednesday, Dec. 2, at 9 p.m. EST on the CW.