"Survivor: Second Chance" has been one of the wildest, most unpredictable seasons in the CBS series' 31-season history. Each episode's tribal council vote has been wrought with tension and drama. In episode 10, there will be two tribal councils and two castaways sent packing, and after Kelly's unexpected blindside in episode 9, no one is safe. 

A sneak-peek video for the episode gives viewers a preview at the two-hour installment's first immunity challenge. Host Jeff Probst begins by telling the tribe they have 15 days left in the game, a time frame that seems like an eternity to the castaways considering the torrential rain that has been making life at camp miserable. However, Jeff says he has an offer -- a construction crew is waiting back at the camp.

"We will waterproof the roof. We will get your fire going in the center. It will be covered," he tells the players.

There is just one catch.

"I want five people to give up their shot at immunity in this challenge."

That is a big price to pay! With the castaways facing the choice of giving up their shot at immunity, who needs it most? Here are three players in the hot seat in episode 10:

1. Kelley Wentworth

Sure, Kelley seems a whole lot safer after helping to convince Stephen, Jeremy, and Spencer to blindside Kelly Wiglesworth with Ciera and Abi. However, as everyone made clear in episode 9's tribal council, the new "voting block" philosophy does not guarantee that any alliance will last longer than one night. So, Kelley could easily find herself on the outs again. Between Kelley and Ciera, Kelly has probably made less enemies and in any other season that might make her a little bit safer than her partner in crime. However, in "Second Chance" that makes her a threat and no one has forgotten about that hidden immunity idol. After all, it was only one episode ago that she received nine votes. 

2. Stephen Fishbach 

Stephen's burning desire to make a "big move" in the game led to his arguably reckless plan to blindside Kelly in episode 9. It worked, but it will certainly make him some big enemies -- particularly Joe, Tasha and Kimmi. They could all be looking to even the score in one of episode 10's two tribal councils. Combine that with the fact that there is no guarantee that the trio of Ciera, Abi, and Kelley continue to vote with Stephen -- he did name the "witches" after all -- and he could end up paying dearly for his "Survivor" ambition. 

3. Joe Anglim 

If Joe loses an individual immunity challenge, he will inevitably become the target of some blindside scheme, if not a mass alliance on behalf of the whole tribe to vote out the game's biggest threat. Stephen has been gunning for him since before the merge! However, while Joe may not have lost an immunity challenge yet, he has two to get through in episode 10 and odds are he will eventually take a fall. 

"Survivor: Second Chance" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. Watch the promo for episode 10 below: