“Survivor” returns Wednesday for its landmark 30th Season. “Survivor: Worlds Apart – White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar” will bring the show back to the San Juan del Sur beach in Nicaragua for the second consecutive season and the fourth season overall. Jeff Probst will, of course, return to host, but this season will be a little different.

“Worlds Apart” will pit three very different groups of people against each other as they compete for the million-dollar prize and the title of sole survivor. There will be a working-class tribe (called Blue Collar), a team of corporate types (White Collar) and a group of free spirits (No Collar).

The 18 contestants for the new season were revealed in late January; the cast can be seen here. Here are our picks for the favorites who'll last longest and the oddballs that fans will be talking about all season:

The Favorites

Survivor Law student Hali Ford will be on the No Collar tribe in "Survivor: Worlds Apart." Photo: CBS

Hali Ford – The 25-year-old law student from San Francisco, a member of the No Collar tribe, is a huge threat to become the sole survivor. In addition to her good looks – which are always an advantage in the game – Ford’s law education proves she has the brainpower to be a strategic player. Her surfing and jiujitsu skills will help her compete in challenges. Hali is a triple threat – watch out!

Survivor Carolyn Rivera will compete for the White Collar tribe on "Survivor: Worlds Apart." Photo: CBS

Carolyn Rivera – The favorite from the White Collar tribe has to be Rivera. If her job is any indication, the 52-year-old executive from Tampa, Florida, knows how to manage people – a valuable skill in “Survivor.” Plus, the softball player should have the physical strength to do well in challenges.

Survivor Mike Holloway is a Blue Collar tribe member on "Survivor: Worlds Apart." Photo: CBS

Mike Holloway – A member of the Blue Collar tribe, the oil driller looks to have the athletic ability to excel in challenges. However, what sets Holloway apart is his age. At 38, he will likely be free of the cocky, immature attitude that has doomed athletic types in past seasons.

The Oddballs

Survivor Dan Foley is a Blue Collar tribe member on "Survivor: Worlds Apart." Photo: CBS

Dan Foley – Blue Collar tribe member Foley has all the makings of a classic “Survivor” oddball. The 47-year-old postal worker from Maine comes from a family of four adopted children and lists a fear of heights in his contestant bio. The flat cap Dan is sporting in his promo picture only helps confirm his quirkiness.

Survivor Vince Sly is a member of the No Collar tribe in "Survivor: Worlds Apart." Photo: CBS

Vince Sly – Sly is the easy pick for the oddball of the No Collar tribe. The 32-year old from Santa Monica, California, lists coconut vendor as his job. His name, again, is Vince Sly. Look at that hair! Case closed.

Max Dawson Max Dawson will be part of the White Collar tribe on "Survivor: Worlds Apart." Photo: CBS

Max Dawson – The 37-year-old media consultant old is our oddball pick from the White Collar tribe. Dawson once taught a class at Northwestern on “Survivor,” which qualifies him as interesting, but it’s the epic beard in his promo picture that seals the deal for Max as an oddball.

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