A high-profile search of the Nevada desert for 28-year-old Susan Powell, the woman who vanished in December 2009, was conducted due to important and credible new insight into the case.  Forty-five detectives and other investigators searched a region outside of Ely, Nev. Friday.

According to MSNBC News, Searchers looked through abandoned mine shafts a few miles west of Ely off Highway 50 and four detectives searched the Bureau of Land Management property.

Detectives have made a preemptive drive out here to see what we may be looking at, Sgt. Mike Powell said.  We felt that it was important to as much as we were able to involve the media in the process, he added. 

Sgt. Powell did not explain what the investigators will be looking for and why, MSNBC reported.

After Powell disappeared, her husband Joshua Powell refused to cooperate with authorities and told investigators that he last saw her Sunday, Dec. 6 prior to taking their two small sons on an overnight camping trip.

Powell has been named a person of interest in the case but said that his wife probably ran away with another man.

Powell is living in Washington state with the two children. 

It's been a hard two years, it's been lonely, he told KING-TV news. I will always love her.