Steve Powell, father-in-law of missing Utah woman Susan Powell, will stand trial today for voyeurism and pornography charges. The estimated eight-day trial hopes to shed light on the disappearance of Susan Powell.

Steven Powell is being charged with 14 counts of voyeurism and one count of possession of an image of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

Missing since 2009, Susan Powell's husband Josh and his father Steven have been persons of interest in her disappearance. In 2011 Steven had been arrested for possession of child pornography. His son Josh killed himself and his two children in an explosion this past February.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Susan Powell's parents hope to gather more information about their daughter's disappearance from Steven Powell's trial.

We don't expect a great deal, but we want to be there, Chuck Cox, Susan's father, told the Associated Press. Maybe he'll decide he has lost, and that he needs to propose a bargain to tell the detectives what he knows. Perhaps he might decide he can inflict one more insult by blurting out something that might be useful.

A search of Steven Powell's bedroom uncovered nude images of females with Susan Powell's face pasted onto them. Her father-in-law also insisted that the two had a sexual relationship, something that Susan's parents and friends denied. Journal entries from Susan describe Steve as a pedophile.

The Daily Mail reports that Steve Powell has been uncooperative in the investigation of Susan Powell.

Prosecutors in the case have 28 potential witnesses, reports KSL. The witnesses include police officers from the West Valley Police Department, Pierce County Sheriff's Office in Washington and Steven Powell's estranged daughter, Jennifer Graves.

The defense has two private investigators from their office taking the stand. Steven Powell is not expected to be called as a witness.

Steven Powell has pleaded not guilty. Powell may face up to five years for each count of which he is found guilty.