Wednesday morning, a suspicious package was found in the mail room of at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, sending three service members who handled it to hospitals.

The incident started a little after 9 a.m. in building 1650, and the discovery prompted a temporary closure of parts of the Air Force Base.

After developing rashes by handling the package, three service members went through a brief medical examination, and eventually released, according to a Scott Air Force Base spokesman.

Another 13 people were checked out and decontaminated on site by emergency personnel.

AFB officials asked any personnel who visited the Post Office Wednesday and were exhibiting any abnormal symptoms or skin reactions to report to the a hospital clinic or base.

Col. Michael Hornitschek, the  commander of the Air Force Base believes the package is not connected to the upcoming 10th anniversary of 9.11, insisting it was an isolated incident.   

The package has been isolated, and we have eyes on it, said Hornitschek, and did not provide further information.

There's no threat to the local community, Hornitschek said.

The Scott Air Force Base, located near Belleville, Illinois, houses some 13,000 personnel and is home to U.S. Air Force active, reserve and National Guard air units, officials add.