The Braves are looking to hire two announcers to serve in their new radio broadcast team.

It appears their hope is to pair Don Sutton currently an announcer for the Washington Nationals with Jim Powell, who has spent the past 13 seasons with the Brewers' broadcast team.

Sutton has two years left on his contract with the Nationals; sources have indicated that the Braves are currently negotiating with the Nationals and MASN

Sutton has served as a member of the Nationals' broadcast team for the past two seasons, many of his former colleagues have said that he was hoping for the opportunity to return to the Braves.

Brewers play-by-play announcer Jim Powell have indeed hired David O'Brien, Power Powell who graduated from Georgia in 1986, spent the past 13 seasons calling Milwaukee Brewers games alongside Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Uecker.

Powell has received national exposure through play-by-play for CBS Radio for several college football games, including the 1997 Sun Bowl pitting Iowa against Arizona State. He has also worked on Host Communications telecasts, calling the action on the gridiron in the South Carolina/Vanderbilt tilt on October 21, 2000. He served as the color analyst for the South Carolina football and basketball programs from 1993-95 and hosted the coaches' shows for those two sports on television. Powell also did play-by-play for Davidson College basketball in 1990.

There was apparently supposed to be a news conference today but it seems that negotiation on Sutton with the Nationals and MASN is still ongoing.