Swiss Bank UBS will revise its dress code 44-page dress code telling its Swiss staff how to present themselves, which sparked worldwide ridicule for its micro-management of their dressing and dining habits.

We're reviewing what is important to us, UBS spokesman Andreas Kern said.

The existing 44-page dress code also tells women how to apply make-up, what kind of perfume to wear and advises them to avoid black nail varnish.

Men are told to get their hair cut every month and to avoid unruly beards.

All staff is advised to avoid garlic or onion breath.

The code only applies to client-facing staff, and UBS has previously said it had been misunderstood.

Other advice in the previous 43-page version was as follows:

* You can extend the life of your knee socks and stockings by keeping your toenails trimmed and filed.

 * Glasses should always be kept clean. On the one hand this gives you optimal vision, and on the other hand dirty glasses create an appearance of negligence.

* Females should wear light makeup consisting of foundation, mascara and discreet lipstick.

* Tie knots should match the morphology of your face.

At the end of 2009, the number of employees at UBS touched 65,000 worldwide. The revised style guide is a part of a test that UBS is carrying out across five pilot branches in Switzerland.