Bethesda is about to launch Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and according to these recently released videos it looks, and sounds, amazing. No surprises there.

The Elder Scrolls is a series of fantasy role-playing games known for giving their players an incredible amount of freedom. Gamers can choose to be an axe-swinging warrior, a fireball-slinging magician, a smooth-talking rouge, and a hundred different variants in between. Whether the player follows the main quest or goes completely off script, the games offer hundreds of hours of fun.

One of the biggest complaints about the previous Elder Scrolls games, Oblivion, was that they had so few voice actors, only about 12. The developers tired to create a world that felt alive, so you would often over hear villages talking to one another while walking around a town. However, with so few voice actors you would often hear the same voice actor talking to him or herself, which kind of took you out of the experience.

In Skyrim they hired about 70 plus voice actors for around 100 different roles. The developers said the difference was night and day. Check out the video of the music and sound behind Skyrim:


The next video shows how they translated the concept art into the digital game world:

With only a week until its Nov. 11 release, Skyrim has fans foaming at the mouth in anticipation. Bethesda has delivered some pretty engrossing games over the past year; not only previous Elder Scrolls, but also the Fallout franchise, a post-apocalyptic role RPG. The new game offers a level of polish even greater than previous Elder Scrolls. We'll get to see the game in all of its glory soon enough.