“Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood slammed her ex-fiancé, Gary Shirley, on Twitter Tuesday after he claimed the reality star doesn’t see their daughter, Leah, during scheduled visitations. Portwood hit back at Shirley, denying his accusations and resorting to insults.

After the finale of “Teen Mom OG” aired Monday, Shirley wanted fans to know why he “secretly” married his wife, Kristina Anderson. “Just to let everyone know I got married to a woman I love. And did it without cameras because it was more special for me that way,” he wrote to his 421,000 followers. “[There are two] sides to every story, so believe what you like. End of the day, I look for the best interest of my child. That's for me to decide.”

His sudden marriage to Kristina was also about making sure he maintained primary custody of Leah. “I'm responsible for Leah whether she's with me or not. So I will do my part. Gotta protect my own. Thanks for all the support,” he tweeted. “[Please] know anytime Amber wants to come see Leah, she can. I'm not the one who moved an hour away. She's doesn't come half [of the] time on her time.”

Portwood, 25, didn’t take kindly to her ex claiming she didn’t see her daughter often. “Wtf? I come every single time and if there's something happening I always come next day… What an ignorant liar!” she spat back a day later. “Don't be on here saying a bunch of lies, because you make yourself look like an a--hole.”

Like “Teen Mom” cast member Jenelle Evans, Portwood didn’t like the way MTV edited a scene in the finale that concerned Shirley. When producers asked her to talk about her ex and their custody battle, she became irate. It was a bad look for Portwood, but she told fans the show didn’t portray the scene accurately. “I'm not going to have someone ask me to talk about Gary for the fifth time that day after I said no more Gary talk,” she responded to one of her 336,000 followers. “They edited it out so I look like a b----. Know the facts. People really think I would fly off the handle for no reason.”

While she was dismantling rumors, she addressed the story about her fiancé, Matt Baier, slamming “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry. In 2014, he essentially tweeted that Lowry was ugly. “That was before we met you guys, and he stopped that ignorance. We love Kail and she knows it… that’s all that matters,” she said.

Making Baier more suspicious to fans, he reportedly has seven kids but told Portwood he had two. The truth was unearthed by Shirley, which was shown during an episode of “Teen Mom OG.”

“Teen Mom 2” Season 7 premieres Monday, March 21, at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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