“Teen Wolf” fans should get ready for a little girl time in next week’s episode, according to the synopsis for Season 4, episode 5. The episode -- titled “I.E.D.” -- will have a heavy focus on both Lydia and Kira.

Lydia finally wants some help with her supernatural powers. After three seasons of her powers controlling her, Lydia wants to be the one in control. The banshee experimented with attempting to control her powers with Stiles in Season 3, but learning when everyone’s lives were at risk created a high-pressure situation. Hopefully, Lydia will be able to figure out her powers in a calmer environment. However, the person helping Lydia is a mystery. Peter Hale helped her navigate her abilities a bit in Season 3, and Lydia might be willing to go to the sociopath again if it means she can finally have some control.

Meanwhile, Kira is finally participating in a normal high school activity: lacrosse. After hitting Coach with the ball in episode 3, he decides to put her on the team with the boys. Episode 3 showed Scott getting very jealous when it came to his lacrosse team. With Scott’s new wolf and new girlfriend on the team, it seems like his competitive edge could come out even more. Scott and Kira have had a lot of sweet, tender moments this season, but all is never well in Beacon Hills. Sports just might be what comes between them.

Mysteriously missing from the synopsis was any reference to the title. "I.E.D." is typically an initialism for improvisational explosive device (a homemade bomb). 

Check out the promo for “Teen Wolf” Season 4 episode 5 below.

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