Things are already heating up for “Teen Wolf” characters in Beacon Hills with the entry of the massive Beast, the Dread Doctors and other challenges. The hit MTV series’ showrunner has also recently revealed that a big fight is set to happen towards the latter part of “Teen Wolf” season 5, which will involve the Desert Wolf and Malia.

In an interview with TVLine, “Teen Wolf” Executive Producer Jeff Davis shared that Shelley Hennig’s character Malia will be “stuck in a bind with how to deal with her mother,” the Desert Wolf. In episode 14 of “Teen Wolf” season 5 titled “The Sword and The Spirit,” Malia met the Desert Wolf Corinne, played by Marisol Nichols, and in an attempt to rescue Deaton (Seth Gilliam), Malia fights with the Desert Wolf.

The “Teen Wolf” showrunner also shared that the two characters will have another huge encounter soon. “Shelley [Hennig] and Marisol [Nichols] work really well together … They’ve got another big, huge fight scene coming up — a big confrontation that happens later this season,” Davis told TVLine.

Aside from Malia and the Desert Wolf’s tense fight scene, Davis also hinted about the status of Malia and Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) relationship. Unfortunately, what Davis shared won't be good news for Stalia fans. “That [relationship] becomes a much bigger issue, especially when the Desert Wolf gets involved,” Davis explained.

Meanwhile, one of the highly anticipated discoveries in “Teen Wolf” season 5B would be the unmasking of the Dread Doctors. “Teen Wolf” showrunner Davis shared in a previous interview that the identity of the Dread Doctors will be unveiled in latter episodes of season 5. He even applauded the impressive work that “Teen Wolf’s” make-up artists did for the faces underneath the surgeons’ masks. Davis also promised that the fate of the Dread Doctors will be unveiled towards the end of “Teen Wolf” season 5, along with other beloved characters.

The next episode of “Teen Wolf” season 5 titled “Amplification” will air on Feb. 2 on MTV.