Nearly three in four teens who use instant messaging (IM) say they send more IMs than emails, according to results of a new poll.

A survey released by the Associated Press and AOL on Thursday also finds that 56 percent teens like to use instant messaging to share photos, while 33 percent share music and video files.

Instant messaging is a part of everyday life, especially among teens, who use IM to chat with friends, share experiences and stay in touch with family, said Marcien Jenckes, Vice President and General Manager at AOL. This survey found that people are using instant messaging to share photos, listen to online radio and get more done each day. It’s clear that IM is helping people better manage their lives and their relationships.

Adults also engage in instant messaging, the study finds, and are more likely than teens to engage in audio chat and video instant messaging than teens.

The survey, which examined instant messaging trends and usage habits among 1,513 IM users, further revealed that 54 percent of adults polled log on to send instant messages every day.