A new Internet meme has emerged after Manti Te’o was duped into thinking his girlfriend was dead.

“Te’oing” has emerged, following similar trends like Tebowing, owling and planking, after the Notre Dame linebacker found out his Internet girlfriend has been killed in a car crash.

[Buzzfeed collected a slew of "Te'oing" images]

The shortest way to explain the convoluted story is that his Internet girlfriend was created by an acquaintance, allegedly, and also “killed” by the same person.

Te’o claims he was “catfished,” that he thought the Internet person he was talking to was a real woman named Lennay Kekua, but not everyone is buying it.

Te'o's story that he is completely innocent in this does not really ring true to us," Timothy Burke, co-author of the Deadspin article, told CNN's Anderson Cooper Wednesday night.

Regardless of whether or not Te’o was in on the hoax, a new Internet meme in his “honor” has begun to flourish on the Twittervese.

In order for one to be “Te’oing” you must hold your arm around a fake person—that’s it. Some have even gotten creative enough to pretend to propose while “Te’oing.”

“Bye bye, Kaepernicking, @darrenrovell wrote, “Here comes Te'oing (via @BrianDiCarlo93.”

@StevenTacchi joked, “Finally popped the question!” Kneeling on one knee, “She was speechless! Te'oing #Teoing.”

“Forget about Tebowing its time for Te'oing,” @TLouden3 proclaimed.

The fact that “Te’oing” has even became a trend most likely has to do with the success of the MTV reality show “Catfish.”

People who have online relationships, but have never met the other person, finally meet them with the help of MTV and host of the show Nev Schulman.

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, a 22-year-old man from Lancaster, California allegedly created the fabricated Twitter account to trick others since 2008, according to DeadSpin.

“ronaiah tuiasosopo was manti te'os catfish????” @BAMM90745 tweeted at first.

“i hope @MTeo_5 didnt send lennay any nude pics. ronaiah prolly posted them on his piano so he can look at them while he plays @ church lmao,” the user then joked.

T’eo is reportedly going to address his fake girlfriend and her hoax death in a press conference on Thursday evening.