With the upcoming holidays and Teresa Giudice’s nearing prison release, the TV personality wants nothing more than to spend Christmas with her family.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star is currently serving out her nearly one year prison term after she was sentenced to jail for fraud. However, the end of that prison term is just a few days away and Teresa’s family is looking forward to spending Christmas with her. A source told E!News that the Giudice’s holiday gathering this year will be time spent with family. 

The source stated, "All Teresa wants is a very low-key Christmas at home with her family. She's nine days away from getting out and it's her only focus.  She and Joe have had conversations about presents, yes, but it's not what matters. Literally the only thing she cares about is coming home to her family."

Apart from the planned family gathering, the source shared with E!News that Teresa has "no plans other than that now." The insider also added that those close to the star have started a countdown as to when they will get to see Teresa again. "Everyone's doing a countdown," the source told E!News. “It's an exciting time. Everyone's excited to see her again and come over to the house and hug her."

Although Teresa is set to rejoin her family at the end of her prison term this December, the Giudice’s will be faced with another challenge given the upcoming entry of Teresa’s husband to prison. Joe Giudice was also sentenced to 41 months in prison for fraud and will be expected to start his jail term in March. Despite the Joe’s looming prison term, the Giudice’s are focused on welcoming Teresa back home.

The insider mentioned to E!News that "no one's thinking about [Joe's prison term] right now. No one's thinking beyond having Teresa home again."

Meanwhile, Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga is also looking forward to the TV personality’s release from prison. In an interview with People magazine, Melissa commented on how "everyone can't wait” for the reunion between Teresa and her children. “It'll be beautiful for her to be actually home with her family,” she added.

She also shared with the magazine her wish that the holidays will mark a period of “new beginnings” for the family. Melissa stated, "I think it's gonna be a really nice Christmas this year. I just think it's gonna be a lot of new beginnings, hopefully just a fresh start, especially for [Giudice].”