Curiosity has triggered horror film lovers - who can't wait to see it - to seek online for the twist at the end of the creepy thriller Orphan which is in theaters this weekend.

For those who plan to see the film and want to be surprised, read no further.

While some have chosen not to spoil the film, one site reports that Esther, the 9-year old girl who is adopted by a couple is really a 33 year old woman with dwarfism.

Esther becomes an Orphan when a house fire kills the members of her previous family.

Critics have given the film positive reviews 44 percent of the time, according to, a web site which compiles movie reviews.

Orphan is a production of Warner Bros. Esther is played by Isabelle Fuhrman and the film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. It is rated R.