Tim Burton, the mastermind behind Edward Scissorhands, and The Nightmare Before Christmas, just released the trailer for his latest film, Frankenweenie. An animated comedy and horror film, Frankenweenie is set to hit theaters on Oct. 5.

Burton's latest creation is about the bond between a boy and his dog. When Viktor's dog Sparky passes away, the boy conducts an experiment to bring back his best friend. Raising his dog from the grave brings consequences though, and Viktor must face them. Frankenweenie is a black and white movie which really brings the creep factor in, and is very reminiscent of older Burton films.

The film has an interesting cast of actors lending their voices to the characters. Tim Burton is reuniting with Winona Ryder, who voices the character Elsa van Helsing. This marks the pairs third collaboration, the first being Beetlejuice, and the last Edward Scissorhands, which was 21-years-ago.

Catherine O'Hara, the voice of Susan Frankenstien, Edgar, Gym Teacher, Mrs. Epstien and Weird girl, will also be joining in on the reunion. Frankenweenie will also mark O'Hara's third collaboration with Burton. O'Hara is famous for being the voice behind Sally and Shock in the beloved film Nightmare Before Christmas. She also starred as Delia Deetz in Beetlejuice.

Canadian actor Martin Short, who voices Mr. Walsh, Toshiaki, Mr. Bergermeister, Bob and Mr. Curtis previously worked with Burton in the 1996 film Mars Attacks! Conchata Ferell, famous for her regular role in Two and A Half Men, has also worked with Burton in the past. Ferrell, who is voicing Bob's mom, played Helen in Edward Scissorhands.

New to working with Burton is Martin Landau, the voice of Mr. Rzykruski. Landau looks like he will fit right in with the kooky and creepy world of Burton though. Beginning his acting career in 1953, Landau has been featured in the series Twilight Zone, The Alfred Hitchock Hour, and Murder, She Wrote.

Atticus Shaffer, another Burton newcomer will be voicing Edgar alongside O'Hara. Shaffer, 13, also stars in the sitcom The Middle. Charlie Tahan, the voice of Victor Frankenstein, is another newcomer in the industry, as well as to Burton flicks. Tahan can be remembered from the 2010 movie Charlie St. Cloud.

A cool addition to the cast is Tom Kenny, cartoon voice extraordinaire. Kenny, who some may recognize as the voice of Spongebob, has also lent his vocal abilities to the Fairly Odd Parents, Kim Possible and Rocko's Modern Life.

Tim Burton seems to be having a busy 2012. The producer, director and writer will have three films being released in 2012, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Dark Shadows, and Frankenweenie. Take a look at the amazing trailer for the spooky, and dead raising film, Frankenweenie.