The number of confirmed Swine Flu cases in the U.S. has risen to 64 leading the government to declare a state of emergency; doctors fear this may cause a pandemic as the number of infected continues to rise.

How can we detect Swine Flu? The swine flu symptoms are exactly the same as that of the seasonal flu: coughing, aches, fever, runny nose and sometimes sore throat, nausea and vomiting.

“The good news is that some of the current anti-flu medications (Tamiflu, Relenza) can be used for treatment or prevention of symptoms”, said Dr. Timothy Lyman, Medical Director of Resurrection’s Immediate Care Centers in a press release.

Tips to stay safe during the swine flu epidemic:

• Wash your hands frequently, especially before meals.

• Carry waterless hand sanitizer with you

• Do not drink from the same cups or share utensils

• If possible avoid crowded places including travel on trains and planes

• A distance of at least 3 feet is suggested

• Cough and sneeze into a tissue that you throw away

• Clean surfaces with 70% Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) or 5% Lysol or 10% bleach

• Children, the elderly, & immune compromised should take extra precautions

• If you have flu symptoms, like a fever with a cough, sore throat, or vomiting, and you have traveled to Mexico in the past seven days, call your doctor. A physician can determine whether you need to see a doctor to treat your flu symptoms.